How long are most of your weddings?

The ultimate length is completely up to you, and Elise will work with you during the planning session to find the time length you desire. With that said, the majority of weddings Elise performs are 20-25 minutes in length; some are naturally shorter and some are longer. 20-25 minutes is typically your "sweet spot" in terms of length as few guests enjoy sitting for longer period of time. Plus, with strategic wedding planning (Elise’s expertise), a significant amount can still be accomplished in this time length.

What if we want to write our own vows?

Great! If you'd like some guidance in writing them, Elise is more than happy to help. Elise also makes available to couples a collection of recommended vows many have found invaluable. You're also free to use them as is or cut/paste as needed.

How does Elise keep the audience interested at a wedding?

One benefit to having Elise perform your ceremony is her extensive communication experience. Besides having done a considerable amount of public speaking, Elise has also served as a tv presenter personality and has performed in front of many different audiences all across the globe. This experience translates well to weddings, as Elise naturally engages people with her warm personality and clear, articulate and enthusiastic speaking style. She also engages guests with her sense of humor and down-to-earth, practical approach.

What does Elise usually wear to weddings?

Elise will generally be wearing a pant suit of some kind. If you wish her to wear something accustom to your traditions or color scheme that can be arranged too.

How do I get started with Elise?

Shoot Elise an email with the services you're after and any questions you may have and she will do the best to answer them and provide a free quote. Then if you'd like to proceed, she will give you a call to discuss further details and get the ball rolling!

How do I secure my wedding date with Elise?

First contact her with the date, start time and location of your ceremony. Assuming she's available, she'll send you additional information. You can secure the date with a deposit if you'd like to move forward. You're also welcome to call or meet (if desired) for a free, no-obligation consultation.

What if I want Elise to also lead my rehearsal?

Elise would be happy to lead your wedding rehearsal subject to her availability. Even if you book Elise only for your wedding and then decide later to add the rehearsal, no problem.

Does Elise require premarital counseling?

No. Although Elise can recommend one for you.