Elise ensures your wedding ceremony flows smoothly

When it comes to your special day, you want an officiant who is committed to nothing less than excellence and professionalism. Couples always appreciate Elise’s willingness to help with the many details that precede the ceremony. And even when there are last minute changes, Elise will calmly and smoothly make any necessary adjustments. She values flexibility and being able to adapt so that everything comes together just the way you want.


Arriving early and coordinating with everyone involved in the wedding

(DJ, videographer, wedding coordinator, venue personnel, etc.). She’ll handle the important details so you can stay focused on the big picture.

As you talk through your ceremony..

Elise can offer creative ideas

Perhaps you'd like to include family members or special friends in the ceremony; Elise specializes in involving others in meaningful ways. Even in the event of an impromptu wedding with just a few guests, she can still make your ceremony special and enjoyable.

And in terms of your vows...

Elise offers a very helpful list of sample vows from which couples can choose. Whether you want to write your own or need some guidance, you can relax knowing Elise has the resources needed to make your planning a breeze.