Although it is important to find an officiant who is professional and experienced, it's also imperative to find someone committed to you. Elise loves the process of building a relationship with couples, and enjoys bringing this special dynamic into the ceremony. You'll find that Elise is very down to earth, personable and easy to relate to.


Elise is convinced that it's a crime to bore people at weddings! Therefore, Elise strives to offer a ceremony and content that is engaging to the bride and groom and also the audience. People ought to feel a natural connection with the officiant, and Elise’s conversational style will help make that a reality at your ceremony.

Personal to you

One of the essentials about your special day is that it should uniquely and thoroughly reflect you. Everything needs to be a statement of your personalities, your styles, your values and your relationship. Elise works with you from start to finish to ensure a wedding ceremony that is uniquely you.

Good Communication

Many couples don't understand just how important this is until the actual ceremony. An effective wedding officiant must be a good communicator. Elise’s background and training in performance and public speaking makes her clear to understand, easy to follow, and articulate.


Elise takes her role as a wedding officiant very seriously. You'll find her to be very organized, very thorough and well-prepared to handle your needs. She is committed to nothing less than an excellent wedding ceremony that exceeds your expectations.